Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194: Blood Orange

I'm not all that familiar with the taste of blood orange, though I see it popping up in a lot of recipes as a bit of a fruit du jour. But I am a soda addict, and I enjoy trying new flavors. I especially enjoy trying the all natural varieties that add real juice to carbonated water without all those crazy chemicals in my diet orange Shasta. All natural blood orange soda could easily take its place (except for those nasty calories--why is it that food has to have calories?).

Blood orange soda is very light and citrusy, and it does taste like orange but with a rounder flavor. It tastes... pinker? I don't know how to describe it, and neither could my husband (he came home for lunch, as he's been doing a lot lately--who wouldn't come home for leftover soupe au pistou?). He said it reminded him a little of cherry 7-Up, which I disagreed with, but I see what he means by the cherry part only in that it somewhat jives with my theory that the soda tastes pink... or red, really. Maybe it tastes red.

Whatever it tastes like, I am fascinated with the idea of making my own soda flavors--not that I'm going to be learning to carbonate water, just that I can buy fruit, juice it, mix it with carbonated water, and sweeten as desired. I do have a goal to wean myself off soda over the next year so that I won't have to go cold turkey during pregnancy, and this might just be a good stepping stone.

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