Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 184: When in Montana...

I find that every time I visit my in-laws in Montana, I end up eating buffalo. This is not a complaint. Often, it's in the form of a buffalo burger at Fuddruckers, which we visit at least once per Montanan trip (when we visit my folks in California, we always visit In-n-Out and Eriberto's). I believe at some point I might have sampled a buffalo steak. This time, I had a magical plate of buffalo osso buco. (I had the turkey burger while at Fudds.)

So what's new about that, you might ask? You've obviously had buffalo before. No, this post isn't about the formerly endangered, now carefully farmed cattle. Mostly, it's about osso buco, a dish that has intrigued me for quite a long time, and until now, I had never tried. Honestly, since osso buco is more often made with veal or beef than buffalo, you could say I still haven't tried it. The flavors of the buffalo were probably completely different.

But do you want to know the best part about this dish? They plated it with the marrow bone. I'm sure, since the cut of meat used for osso buco is so tightly held to the bone, since the two are cooked together until the meat falls off of said bone, and since the marrow is so important to the flavor of the sauce, this is common. But as I said, I've never had osso buco. I've also never had the pleasure of scooping marrow out of a bone with a tiny little fork, which (as you can see from the picture) was generously provided so that I might enjoy every last bit of my meal. I even brought the marrow bone all the way home for my cat (I don't have a dog), across two states. I realized her little mouth was too small to chew on it and I've never seen a cat chewing a bone and I did eat most of the marrow, but there were definitely more fatty deposits that she could have reached with her tongue. Sadly, she didn't seem interested. But hey, I tried.

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