Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 185: Opaa!

I recently discovered that I like ouzo, Greek's licorice-flavored liqueur, favorite of one of my favorite Iron Chefs, Cat Cora (after every battle, she and her sous chefs take a shot of it from little glass prep bowls). So when I saw ouzo candy at World Market, I had to buy it. And I did.

The candies are (to me, a licorice lover) totally yummy (though my husband cringed and exclaimed how bitter they were--to me they are sweet and perfumey), but I have to say I expected something more complex than your basic flavored hard candy. I don't know why. The packaging doesn't claim anything more. They are ouzo candy. Period. They deliver what they promise.

I'm curious about how one goes about making candy with alcohol. I know these probably don't have any alcohol in them and never did, but after my Jack Daniels pecans (I also tried another brand's bourbon pecans and found I preferred the whiskey version), I'm thinking it might be fun to play with sugar and booze.

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