Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Ten: Tofu or Not Tofu?

Tonight, I had tofu. Tofu tacos, actually. And really, they would have been better with chicken.

Not that tofu is bad--it really isn't anything. It's a little limp, a little wet (despite the time spent between two paper towels with a skillet squishing out moisture, and yes, I did buy the firm variety), and a little flavorless.

But I did realize, while cooking it, that I might never have had tofu before. It's one of those things that I've seen and, in my childish way, determined I couldn't possibly like. I heard The Beets sing about it on one of my favorite cartoons, Doug: Killer Tofu. I had friends who ate it and seemed to think it was okay. I had a roommate who seemed to like it. But I don't think I actually ate it until tonight. Though it could have been hiding in my entrees and I never would have known. There were a lot of flavors in my tofu tacos--lime, cilantro, and the like--so I made sure to single out a piece of tofu and eat it on its own. And still. Nothing.

So there's one more item crossed off the list of things I don't like. I don't dislike tofu. I nothing tofu.

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  1. The song "Killer Tofu" on Doug is a classic. I wanted to be a combination of his sister and Jane from "Daria" as a teenager...